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Is using an ecommerce shipping software the right thing to do for your business? Why would you need an ecommerce shipping solution? Read and find out!


Once an ecommerce business hits a certain order volume, this business needs to find a better way to get the shipments out the door. The shipping solution providers simplify and automate the labeling process, make tracking shipment simpler, inventory management easier, and increase accuracy at the same time.

You should definitely consider investing in an ecommerce shipping software if:

  • Your current ecommerce platform won’t allow you to print labels (the ecommerce shipping software solutions automate this in your order fulfillment process)
  • You want automated label printing, as well as, features such as customer forms, return labels, manifests, and tracking notifications.
  • You have the opportunity to sell on different storefronts such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and you want a quick view of all of your orders from multiple selling sources for a more organized management.

If you think your business desperately needs an ecommerce shipping software, it is time to find the right one.

Once you start looking, you will discover that there are so many ecommerce shipping solutions out there and choosing one is simply not as easy as you thought it will be. There are some important features you should look for in an ecommerce shipping solutions:

  • Automated order syncing and retrieval
  • Automated label printing
  • Automated weight and sizing
  • International customs forms
  • Improved tracking visibility and status
  • Returns

It is really important to choose a solution that works best for your ecommerce business. Each business has different needs and that is why, you are the only person who can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. There are a few key points you need to consider when evaluating a potential ecommerce shipping solution:

  • Integration – Is the shipping solution integrated with your current platform?
  • Price – What is my budget?
  • Support – You need to look for a great support such as blogs, online chat, tutorials, phone, email support?
  • Features – Determine your must-haves and your necessary features and compare more shipping solutions.

Most ecommerce shipping solutions offer free trial periods (usually a 14-day trial period). You can take advantage of this period and decide whether or not the shipping software suits you.

Once you will choose a shipping solution, connect your e-store, connect your bank account, and add your “ship from” address.

That’s it! You are ready now!

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